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Freakin’ A: I want an iPhone!

Posted by Jon on 17 July, 2007

No, I do not have an iPhone. I now want one – I WANT ONE REAL BAD!

I was passing by Pioneer Place today, and stopped in at the Apple Store there. Surrounded by what seemed to be an entire 9th grade homeroom’s worth of teenagers, several middle aged people, at least one grandma and a guy at least 60 who hadn’t showered in a while (perhaps not a representative sample of portland, but a surprisingly broad grouping), I played with the iPhone for about 20 minutes.

Contrary to what some Apple-critical friends had suggested, it seems that downloading/websurfing is, if not quite as fast as the ads make out, pretty darn quick. Certainly fast enough that I wasn’t bothered. The interface – with the exception of typing – is freaking amazing; it seemed exactly as portrayed in the ads. Typing, I think, takes a little bit of time to get used to.

If I had any money, I would have gotten one today. It’s not the second coming, but it’s probably the coolest piece of consumer technology I’ve seen in several years, and maybe the first to make using it feel like you’re in the FUTURE!

Disclaimer: I own a (very) tiny amount of apple stock.


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