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OSU Beavers back in College World Series

Posted by Jon on 12 June, 2007

Last year, the OSU Beavers won the College World Series. I’ve never seen Corvallis quite like that – pretty close to rioting in the streets. Granted, it’s a small place; so, small mob. But still, for such a quiet (read: usually boring) town, it was pretty cool. Well, they’ve qualified for the series again, after winning the super-regionals over Michigan. I don’t really understand baseball – my friend Gordy is obsessed, and has explained enough of it to me that I understand how the game works (basically) – but unless I’m in a mob of people I don’t much passion for spectator sports. The vibe hits me when I am in a big group though. The Series is in Omaha, but I’m sure there will be nuttiness in Corvallis again, and I’ll probably go down to watch the end of it there.



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