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2 random computer tips

Posted by Jon on 29 May, 2007

I had these saved in some file or another that I was sorting through.

To check for photo manipulation in Photoshop
Press CTRL+U or go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation and set:
Hue to a low setting
Saturation to a higher setting
Play with the light and look for blotches of color that don’t follow the rest of the image
If the photo has in fact been manipulated it will show blotches around the area that was photoshopped
To turn Dashboard on/off (Mac OS X)
To turn Dashboard off:
defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES
To turn Dashboard on:
defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean NO
You have to restart the Dock after making either change for it to take effect:
killall Dock


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