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Celtic Yodeling & Weird Dreams

Posted by Jon on 23 May, 2007

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff related to archetypes and dreaming. Campbell’s Hero with a thousand faces, Jung and so forth. I rarely remember my dreams. I assume I must dream regularly, but I neither remember them when I awake, nor really experience anything other than a break in consciousness when I sleep.

Occasionally, I have a very vivid dream, and remember it (relatively) clearly when I get up. I’m going to try to set down some of them piece by piece, and record new ones as they occur.

This morning I woke up unusually early (6:10) after having fallen asleep at about 1:15. The dream I had stayed with me, at least in its fundamentals:

I used to debate in college, and most of the people propagating my dream were people from the debate circuit, although curiously almost no one from my school or that I was very close to personally. Those that weren’t clearly recognizable as individuals were a sort of pastiche of various debater types. The setting was a conference or gathering at some sort of college. The architecture was heavy and concrete, with the brownish-pebble concrete surface I associate with 60s and 70s architecture. Sort of a cross between PCC Sylvania and a school in California that I can’t clearly identify.

The odd thing was that everyone there was a vampire.

The conference was an academic vampire conference, or a vampiric academic conference, if there’s a difference. Speakers were discussing their goals for vampirism, and how vampires had been able to achieve peace and live quietly in society, among more esoteric topics that I can’t remember. A key part of this was the substitution of ketchup for blood in the vampire diet. Everyone put ketchup on everything. Now, I love ketchup, but our use of it in the dream seemed excessive. People drank watered-down ketchup.

Additionally, many (though by no means all) of the attendees wore Harry Potter style black robes. I can’t remember if I did. No wands were in evidence, however.

A recurring theme was the sense of relief combined with an edge of nervousness; the feeling people seem to exude when they are almost deliberately avoiding an inconvenient and disturbing truth, such as a looming threat. A prophecy (or just a rumor) seemed to suggest that there was someone seeking to unleash some not-clearly-described evil force or entitity by getting all the ketchup-eaters to drink blood again.

I had seen someone drinking blood from their own wrist when they thought no one was looking. This was the apparent leader of a clique of teen/twentysomething “Lost Boy” type vamps that dressed in a robe and accessories styled to look like an 80s version of a gang (think “The Lost Boys” with Harry Potter robes). Come to think of it, he did resemble Keifer Sutherland…

Anyway, I started investigating this and trying to find out what the rumored cataclysm would be. Then at some point, I started hearing celtic music that also resembled yodeling, projecting as from a PA system. It’s around
this time I woke up and realized that someone’s alarm clock in another room had gone off, and NPR was playing some weirdass music.

What would Jung say?


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