5 Tons of Flax

What the deuce!

First post!

Posted by Jon on 22 May, 2007

I’ve started a couple blogs in the past, but they never really took. My blog reading habits are inclined towards the A-listers and the political, and that type has set the tone for what I supposed I would have to produce to justify bothering with a blog, or any other writing for that matter. In other words, blogging about something. But the more I delve into blogging (it’s part of my grad school research) the more it seems that the defining trait, even among A-listers, is that a blog is really more about the author than the subject, per se. So this blog isn’t really about anything except me, or more specifically my thoughts, random pontifications, things I’m interested in, etc. An experiment in self-development. In other words, just like every other blog ever. Yes, y’all figured out that’s all blogging is anyway, and figured it out a long time ago. It takes me longer to get the obvious, and requires that I do extensive reading, smoking and pontificating. That’s why I’m trying to finish grad school – because somehow I fit in with people who need to have justifications for the self-evident – instead of running dailykos or something.


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